Syntace Liteforce, incl. TwinFix, 50mm – 90mm

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  • Lightweight. Torsionally rigid. Wide format.

    With the torsionally rigid wide format of the MegaForce2, the technology of the F109 and the experience we gained with the legendary Force99, the LiteForce lowers the weight standards for stems by another 15%.

    An unsurpassed combination

    Made from Syntace’s new, high durability Alloy and manufactured with genuine 3D forging, they came up with a sensational result: the lightest ever stem for 31.8mm handlebars. It is bombproof, yet as stiff as only 150g competitors can be.

    Super light Titanium screws as standard

    The stem comes as standard with highest quality Syntace Titanium screws (M5x16) in order to save every single gram.

    Syntace 200°- head with 4 screws

    High, yet gentle clamping force with better force transmission compared to conventional slot clamping designs.

    Praxis oriented flip-flop design

    The design enables the rider to have the stem be positioned in two different heights without additional weight, additional spacers or unnecessary steering tube offset.

    Lightweight... no cheating.

    • Assembly without extra spacers on top: a weight saving of 7g with a 5mm shorter steering tube.
    • Flip-Flop +6° instead of 0°. The height adjustment saves 7 to 12g underneath the stem.
    • Open-Face stem: super-fast exchange of the stem without disassembly of the grips and levers.
    • Steer tube Ø: 28,6 ( 1 1/8˝)
    • Length (mm): 50
    • FlipFlop: Yes
    • Angle (degree): 6
    • Type: Steer tube clamping
    • insert length (mm): 29
    • handlebar width: 740
    • Steer tube clamp height: 34.5
    • Screw material: Titanium
    • Color: Raceblack
    • Handlebar clamping-Ø (mm): 31.8
    • Weight (g):
      • 50mm – 82g
      • 60mm – 86g
      • 75mm – 94g
      • 90mm – 98g
    • Includes: LiteForce 50mm, Torx-25 titan bolts, TwinFix Clamps, Litecap (w/o screw)