TruckerCo Cream II High Performance Tire Sealant

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Designed for racers, by racers, TruckerCo Cream II Tire Sealant is a natural latex based, longer lasting, high performance tire sealant. 


  • Use with any tubeless or tubular system
  • Unique natural latex compound base
  • Non-toxic, Eco-friendly formula
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors to protect alloy nipples and rims
  • Competition tested and proven
  • 100% Made in The USA From American made materials, including bottle and label.
  • FREE Syringe Included!
  • Available in 1000ml (33.8 US fl oz) and 500ml (19.9 US fl oz) bottles

Our thoughts:
We've tried many sealants over the years, but this by far is the best we're ever tested!