Silca Chain Waxing System

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Take your chain maintenance to new heights with the Silca Chain Waxing System. This system includes a compact 600ml wax warmer, designed to efficiently melt wax while occupying minimal space. It also features a handy drip stand and a cable coupler, ingeniously engineered to catch and redirect any wax drips back into the pot. This innovative design not only minimizes waste but also keeps your workspace clean and organized. Perfect for cyclists who value precision and efficiency in their equipment care, the SILCA Chain Waxing System offers a streamlined solution for optimal chain waxing.


  • Wax melter has a vented clear lid to retain heat while being able to verify the wax is fully melted
  • Perfect companion for StripChip to wax your chain in a single, no degreaser, step
  • Chain hanging stand allows for a no mess drying period where you can allow excess wax to drip right back into the pot to use for the next application
  • Notched base retains the melter in place and holds the chain coupler securely in place
  • Chain coupler has a steel cable that is threaded on one side allowing it to be looped through your chain and secured on the other side
  • Dip your chain in the wax, agitate, and hang all without getting wax anywhere you don't want it or touching a pot of hot wax
  • Temperature Range: 75-125ºC
  • Dimensions: 14" x 8.5" x 9"
  • 600ml wax capacity
  • NOTE: System Does NOT Include Wax