SRAM H2S Center Lock Disc Brake Rotor - 160mm, 180mm, 200mm or 220mm

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The all-new SRAM HS2 Rotor is purpose-built for mountain biking, aiming to enhance brake performance while addressing common issues like noise and heat buildup. This rotor features a redesigned brake track pattern that significantly improves pad traction, allowing for more efficient braking power.

To further elevate its capabilities, the HS2 rotor is equipped with recessed spokes featuring thermal dissipating paint. This innovation ensures better heat dissipation, reducing the risk of overheating during intense rides and extended descents. As a result, the HS2 rotor provides exceptional heat management, making it best-in-class in this aspect.

Not only does the HS2 rotor deliver powerful braking performance, but it also significantly reduces noise levels, contributing to a quieter and more enjoyable riding experience. The combination of improved pad traction, thermal dissipating features, and reduced noise makes the HS2 rotor an excellent choice for riders seeking top-notch performance on the trails.


  • Center Lock
  • Thicker 2.00mm rotor
  • Superior heat management
  • 7% more power
  • Available in 160mm, 180mm, 200mm and 220mm
    • Please check your bike's compatibility.
    • You may need a mounting adapter for your frame/calipers to accommodate certain rotor sizes.

Price is per rotor.