Shimano SM-MA Disc Brake Mount Adapters

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Shimano SM-MA Disc Brake Mount Adapters
For mounting disc brake calipers onto a bike frame or fork. These adapters enable the use of 160mm, 180mm or 203mm rotors on most Postmount (mountain bike or gravel bike) frame/fork combinations.


Forks with IS tabs:

160mm rotor use: SM-MA-F160P/S



180mm rotor use: SM-MA-F180P/S


203mm rotor use: SM-MA-F203P/S


Frames with IS tabs:

160mm rotor use: SM-MA-R160P/S


180mm rotor use: SM-MA-R180P/S


203mm rotor use: SM-MA-R203P/S

Forks & Frames with 140mm Post mount:

160mm rotor use: SM-MA-F180P/P2


Forks & Frames with 160mm Post mount:

160mm rotor use: NO ADAPTER

180mm rotor use: SM-MA-F180P/P2


203mm rotor use: SM-MA-F203P/P


Forks & Frames with 180mm Post mount:

180mm rotor use: NO ADAPTER

203mm rotor use: SM-MA-F203P/PM