Shimano BR-MT420 4-Piston Disc Brake Set, front & rear

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Shimano 4-Piston Disc Brakes - BR-MT420 4-piston callipers and BL-MT401 levers, full set (front & rear). Brakes are assembled with hoses, pre-bled & include brake pads.

Made for entry MTB riders, this hydraulic brake set from Shimano (non-series), features long-lasting and consistent braking performance and reliable stopping power, while the 4-piston caliper inspires greater confidence during descents.

  • Sleek, MTB racing-inspired design, anodized alloy 2-finger brake levers
  • Balanced braking power, tuned for entry MTB riders
  • Lever reach adjustable to varying hand sizes and/or preferences
    • Minimum lever reach 75mm
  • Easy, quick and clean installation and maintenance
    • One way and funnel bleeding utilizing a new, more convenient bleeding nipple position
  • Deliver 90% of the braking power of BR-MT520 calipers
  • 150% better wear-resistance and 20% increased braking power vs. 2-piston BR-MT400 calipers


Recommended brake rotors (not included):
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6-bolt rotors: SM-RT56 - w/ resin pads only or SM-RT66
CENTER LOCK rotors: RT-MT800 or RT-MT900
Full compatibility list below.

Each brake set includes:
Two (2) BL-MT401 levers:
include brake hoses, Shimano mineral oil.
Brake hose length:
900mm (front/left lever), 1600mm (rear/right lever)

Two (2) BR-MT420 calipers: Straight hose joint, Split-pin pad mount

Pads: resin 


Our thoughts:
The promise of reduced wear and powerful breaking with less fade thanks to 4-pistons make these a very compelling way to get some good, inexpensive disc brakes. These are definitely a solid choice for new and experienced MTB riders alike.



We recommend having a professional install your new disc brakes. Your friendly LBS can help!