Miles Wide - Wet Seal

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Miles Wide Industries Wet Seal

  • Ever feel like your suspension is not performing the way it used to? Tired of your dropper post not rising like it’s supposed to?
  • Wet Seal helps breathe life back into your suspension and dropper posts! A couple drops around the seals of your fork, shock, or dropper is all you need to greatly reduce stiction and increase the feel and performance.
  • Just like lubing your chain Wet Seal is an important maintenance item. By using Wet Seal you are keeping your seals lubricated and protected from dirt and debris; thus greatly extending both he life of your seals and suspension.
  • Formulated with the help of “The Suspension Experts” in Asheville, NC,  Wet Seal is safe to use with any fork, shock, or seat post and is a must for those who want to make sure their bike is preforming at the top of it’s ability.