TruckerCo SM12 (Shimano 4-piston Deore, SLX, XT, XTR) Ceramic Metallic Sintered pads

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TruckerCo SM12 (Shimano Deore, SLX, XT, XTR) 4-piston pads Ceramic Metallic Sintered pads.

  • Excellent Performance in Wet and Dry Conditions
  • Reliability in the Most Extreme Conditions
  • Highly Durable, High Heat Performance
  • Best Modulation
  • Packaging will not smash or bend springs.
  • Competition tested and race proven

Compatible with:

XTR M9100 - BR-M9120
Deore XT M8100 - BR-M8120

Deore XT M8000 - BR-M8020
SLX M7100 - BR-M7120
Deore M6100 - BR-M6120
Deore M5100 - BR-MT520
Shimano Series- BR-MT420
SAINT M820 - BR-M8210
ZEE M640 - BR640

Replaces Shimano:
D03S, N03A, N04C