SRAM 4-Port Battery Charger for AXS / eTAP Batteries

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When you need multiple AXS batteries charged quickly, the SRAM 4-Port Battery Charger for AXS / eTAP Batteries (00.3018.359.000) is the ideal solution. Powered by USB-C, this charger can simultaneously fill four batteries in the same amount of time it takes a single charger to fill one, making it highly efficient for rapid battery turnaround. If you're charging just one or two batteries, the charging time is even faster.

This charger ensures that your AXS batteries are always ready to go, providing the speed and convenience needed for high-demand cycling scenarios.


  • Rapid Charging: Charges four AXS batteries at once, significantly reducing downtime.
  • Quick Charge to 75%: The fast-charging feature gets your batteries to 75% capacity quickly, perfect for when you're in a rush.
  • USB-C Powered: Utilizes USB-C for reliable and convenient power delivery.
  • Efficient Design: Streamlined for ease of use, ensuring your batteries are ready when you need them most.