Silca Secret Chain Blend - Hot Melt Wax

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When Silca introduced the Secret Chain Lube, Josh shared that its formulation was inspired by a hot wax recipe he had developed and used with professional cycling teams, contributing to numerous world and Olympic victories. The original goal of Secret Chain Lube was to offer the benefits of this proven technology in a convenient, no-melt format. However, it quickly became evident that many of our customers were enthusiasts of traditional hot waxing. In response to their overwhelming requests, Silca launched the Secret Wax Blend.

This product is composed of highly refined, laboratory-grade paraffin and a rich concentration of nano-scale Tungsten disulfide in three specific sizes. The Secret Chain Blend does more than just lubricate; it transforms the surface of the chain. It fills the microscopic imperfections of the metal with the highly lubricious and durable tungsten disulfide particles. As a result, chains treated with both Secret Chain Blend and Secret Chain Lube become increasingly efficient with each application, achieving optimal performance over time.

Unique to the market, Secret Chain Blend is the only hot wax lubricant that pairs with a specifically formulated drip wax—Secret Chain Lube. This combination allows for easy maintenance "top-offs," extending the intervals between full wax applications and ensuring the smoothest, quietest drivetrain performance possible. Using Secret Chain Blend and Secret Chain Lube together can also significantly increase the lifespan of your chain and drivetrain components, potentially up to ten times longer.


  • Saves up to 8w
  • 500g pouch
  • Extend the life of your wax with Super Secret Chain Treatment
  • Clean to the touch on the chain
  • No PFAS chemicals
  • Get up to 25,000 km out of a chain