Shimano OT-RS900 GRX, Dura-Ace Shift Cable Housing for Rear Derailleur (Y0BM98011)

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Shimano OT-RS900 GRX, Dura-Ace Shift Cable Housing for Rear Derailleur (Y0BM98011)

The OT-RS900 GRX, Dura-Ace Shift Outer Casing helps ensure smooth shifting action of the rear derailleur thanks to its superior construction and materials.

Shimano RD-R9100, RD-R8000, RD-RX800 and RD-R7000 derailleurs must be assembled on the bicycle with the OT-RS900 outer casing. 

The radius of the curved cable that is routed from the bicycle frame to the RD-R9100, RD-R8000, RD-RX800 or RD-R7000 becomes much smaller compared to the radius generated with other rear derailleurs, as indicated in the images below. The commonly used outer casing, OT-SP41, is too stiff for such small radius that it could cause issues on the adjustment barrel and shifting problem. By using the OT-RS900, these issues can be avoided as OT-RS900 housing has reduced stiffness.

**OT-RS900 should be used only on the rear derailleur side. It should not be used on the shift/brake lever side.


  • Application: Road, Gravel
  • Diameter: 4¬†mm
  • Length: 240¬†mm
  • Recommended Cable Diameter: 1.2¬†mm
  • pre-lubricated with special silicone grease to ensure smooth shifting


  • Shimano OT-RS900 shifter cable housing
  • Sealed¬†end cap, for rear derailleur
  • End cap


  • Dura-Ace RD-R9100
  • Ultegra RD-R8000
  • Shimano 105 RD-R7000
  • GRX RD-RX810
  • GRX RD-RX812
  • GRX RD-RX400


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