RideWrap - Covered Protection™ Kits

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RideWrap - Covered Protection™ Kits

Covered Protection™ protects high wear and vulnerable areas of your bike. Bikes of all shapes and sizes see wear and tear. Covered Protection™ is here to provide universal protection on your bike’s frame and forks.

With 60% frame coverage, your bicycle is protected against damage from bike locks, bicycle storage, transportation, trail/ road debris, scrapes, scratches, and unexpected crashes. The protection kit’s material consists of RideWrap bike-specific protection film. RideWrap film is superhydrophobic, self-healing, and looks damn good.

Bicycle protection film is engineered from the ground up to protect bicycles. RideWrap is the first and only brand to create a film specifically for use on bikes.

Covered Protection™ is your universal protection package. If you’re looking to protect up to 60% of your bike frame and to keep high wear and vulnerable areas covered. Or if you are waiting for a Tailored Protection™ kit to be designed Covered Protection™ is the right fit for you.

The RideWrap bike frame protection kits include everything you need for a successful at-home installation: a pre-cut protection kit, detailed instructions, install diagram, install solution concentrate, pre-install cleaning wipes, install squeegee, microfibre cloth, and RideWrap stickers.

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