Ergon GP1 Evo Grips

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Ergon has upgraded its top-selling wing grip with the introduction of the GP1 Evo, setting a new standard for hand comfort and support. This latest iteration is not only free from harmful substances but also surpasses stringent EU quality standards, boasting SGS certification. The GP1 Evo enhances the already multi-award-winning design of its predecessor, bringing ergonomic comfort to its pinnacle for cyclists. This grip is meticulously designed, developed, and manufactured in Germany, ensuring a high-quality product that emphasizes sustainability and minimal waste production. The commitment to excellence and environmental responsibility makes the GP1 Evo a standout choice for discerning cyclists seeking the ultimate in grip comfort and eco-friendly design.

Hand discomfort during cycling, particularly on extended rides, is a widespread issue, largely due to the use of conventional round grips that lack adequate support. Riders often face numbness in their fingers, along with pain and irritation in their palms and wrists. Additionally, discomfort can extend to the forearms, upper arms, neck, and shoulders, all of which may stem from grips that do not provide proper support.

Ergon's iconic GP1 wing-shaped grips have been a game-changer in this aspect. For over 20 years, these ergonomically designed grips have enabled millions of cyclists to ride comfortably, reducing the risk of discomfort and strain. The unique shape of the GP1 grips provides substantial support by distributing the rider's weight more evenly across the hands, which alleviates pressure points and minimizes fatigue in the upper body. This design innovation has made long rides more enjoyable and less taxing, transforming the cycling experience for enthusiasts around the globe.


  • Model: GP1 Evo
  • Colors: Black/Grey
  • Clamp: 100% Recyclable Aluminum
  • Usage: 
    • Touring
    • E-Touring
    • MTB-Touring
    • E-MTB
    • Fitness, City
  • Exceeds strict EU quality standards with a SGS certification
  • Made in Germany
  • Weight: 155g (Small), 165g (Large)