Hayes Dominion T4 4-Piston Disc Brakes

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Hayes Dominion T4 4-Piston Disc Brakes and an upgrade like no other – the limited-edition Hayes Dominion T4 take exceptional power, sensitivity, and reliability of the Dominion family and combine it with the lightest chassis ever. Optimized for Enduro and DH riding, these extraordinary brakes boast a carbon-fiber lever crafted by Reynolds, titanium hardware, a composite reservoir cover, pads equipped with aluminum backing plates, and meticulous weight-reducing machining for unparalleled performance.

    • Low effort system with predictable, progressive ramp up and a crisp bite point.
    • Reduced Friction - A featherlight lever feel is acheived through a combination of an added glide ring on the piston and sealed ball bearings at the lever blade pivot
    • SRL - Our Stable Rate Link delivers a consistent lever ratio regardless of reach
    • Precise Engagement - Each Dominion is factory set to have the lowest dead stroke possible and a crisp bite point.
    • Built to last - Metal pistons are used to ensure that no matter the terrain or temperature your brake will continue to perform as it did on the first ride
    • Adjustable Reach - Adjust your lever reach with ease while on the trail thanks to an intuitive adjustment knob design
    • FEA-optimized modal shapes of D-Series rotors are intentionally designed to oppose those of Semi-Met T106 and Sintered T100 pads, canceling out noise and vibration.
  • Crosshair Caliper Alignment screws allow for quick and accurate setup.
  • King Pin pad retention bolt adds strength.
  • 2-Stroke dual port bleed system for maximum bleed integrity.


  • Tooled Reach Adjustment
  • Tooled Pad Contact Adjust
  • Axial Lever Orientation
  • K2 Hose
  • Crosshair Caliper Alignment
  • Composite lever & reservoir cover, titanium hardware


  • Weight: 257g (90cm hose & mount hardware) 
  • Reach adjust: Tooled
  • Compatible Rotor (not included): D-series (160, 180, 203) w/ QuickBite² and MRC 
  • Hose: Low expansion with Kevlar weave 
  • Fluid: Hayes DOT 5.1 
  • Bleed: Two Stroke 
  • Caliper Piston Size: 17mm 
  • Pad Material: T106 Semi-metallic, T100 Sintered metallic 
  • Pad retention: KingPin
  • Pad Insertion: Bottom Load 
  • Crosshair Alignment: yes 
  • 2-piece Clamp: yes 
  • Pad Contact Adjust: Tooled 
  • Adjustable Banjo Connection: Yes 
  • Flip-Flop Lever: Yes
  • Lever Pivot: Sealed Cartridge Bearings

Dominion T4 brake levers are ambidextrous (flippable) and can be mounted on either the left or right side. The only differance between the front and rear configurations is the length of the brake hose: the rear lever uses a longer 1800mm hose, while the front lever comes with a 1000mm hose. Options labeled "front or rear" come equipped with the longer 1800mm hose, offering flexibility depending on your setup needs.