Hayes Dominion A4 4-Piston Semi-Metalic pads (T106)

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Upgrade your biking experience by enhancing your brake system with the new Hayes Semi-metallic T106 (98-36141-K002) brake pads, which provide enhanced modulation and silent operation.

Semi-metallic T106 Brake Pads Features:

  • Material: Crafted from semi-metallic (affectionately referred to as "free-range organic") friction material, these pads strike a balance between durability and stoping power.
  • Enhanced Modulation: This type of friction material offers superior modulation, giving you precise control over your braking intensity, which is crucial for managing speed and making smooth stops.
  • Silent Operation: Enjoy a quieter ride as these pads are designed to operate silently, reducing the typical brake squeal associated with harder brake compounds.

These brake pads are ideal for riders looking for a balance between performance and comfort, providing effective stopping power with less noise and greater control. They're a perfect choice for updating the best brakes in the world and enhancing your overall riding confidence and safety.

Includes 2 pads, retention screw.

Compatible with:

Hayes Dominon A4
Hayes Dominon T4