Formula MOD Rear Shock

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Formula MOD Rear Shock

There is no point in trying to be someone else if you can be yourself. The Formula MOD is precisely that, a new, original way of imaging a shock. The MOD is packed with everything you expect from a coil shock: sensitivity, feeling, reliability; but there is also much more. Formula integrated performance, ease of use, and maximum tuning possibilities.

The MOD has an unconventional design that, thanks to the CTS (Compression Tuning System) technology, will allow every rider to fine-tune the rear suspension simply and effectively. The High Flow design of the damping allows for uncompromising reliability. Thanks to its large-volume bladder, the Mod manages to have very low friction and excellent small bump compliance.

Someone said that today’s modernity will be tomorrow’s tradition. If you’re trying to maximize the fun-factor on the trail, and if thinking out of the box is something you relate to, then the Mod is exactly the shock you are looking for.

LV Bladder:
Inside the piggyback, the MOD has a large-volume bladder. This design has the purpose to drastically reduce friction compared to a traditional internal floating piston (IFP) system. This allows Formula to minimize friction and inertia in the system and achieve an excellent sensitivity to small bumps.

High Flow:
The MOD was designed with the concept of High Flow in mind. The 30mm internal piston and the increased oil passages provide the Mod with unique characteristics. Compression and rebound adjustments keep their settings unchanged even on long descents. All of this results in improved sensitivity, less friction, and excellent heat management. The High Flow design of the damping allows the MOD to be remarkably consistent in performance.

The MOS is the first shock with CTS (Compression Tuning System) technology. Formula wanted to have the trademark of our forks on their first MTB shock. Thanks to CTS technology, anyone will be able to tune the rear suspension quickly and easily. CTS means fine-tuning within everyone's reach.


210x 55, 52.5, 50, 47.5
230x 65, 62.5, 60, 57.5
85x 55, 52.5, 50, 47.5
205x 65, 62.5, 60, 57.5

Compression: 17 Click Adjustment
Rebound: 13 Click Adjustment
CTS: Gold, Orange and Green valves included
Lockout: Shock body mounted
Coil spring: Preload

Shock body: Glossy black

Coil springs: Ultraviolet, titanium

Sizes (lbs/in): 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 550, 600
Material: Ultralight steel

Sizes (mm): 20x8, 22x8, 25x8, 30x8, 35x8, 40x8, 22x10, 25x10, 30x10

210x55 with 300 coil spring 670g

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