CushCore PRO Tire Inserts

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CushCore PRO is the original, full-performance version of the revolutionary tire insert system. Designed to elevate your riding experience to new heights, it enables you to push the limits of your tires and suspension with unwavering confidence.

Perfectly suited for the majority of wheels, terrain, and riders, CushCore PRO is the go-to choice for those seeking ultimate performance and protection on the trails. Its advanced design and construction provide unmatched benefits, including increased traction, improved stability, and enhanced cornering control.

Whether you're shredding down rocky descents, tackling technical trails, or hitting jumps with gusto, CushCore PRO ensures your tires and suspension are working in harmony to deliver the utmost performance and comfort. With CushCore PRO on your side, you can unleash your true potential and explore the limits of what's possible on your mountain bike.

Key Features:

  • Unrivalled impact protection
    • Absorbs big hits, prevents rim damage and withstands repeated impacts without degrading.
  • Super stable cornering
    • Reinforces tire sidewalls to prevent tire roll and increases traction in corners.
  • Absorbs shock & vibration
    • More control and less rider fatigue.
  • Run lower tire pressure
    • Optimal tire pressure with no compromises.
  • Reduce Flats
    • Patented profile reduces pinch flats.
  • Increase traction
    • Supple, compliant tread patch increases grip
  • 50% less force on big hits, best-in-class rim/tire protection and impact absorption
  • 16% less suspension travel used for the same impacts, absorb force before it even gets to your suspension
  • 12% less G-force on the handlebars, ride longer and more in-control
  • 35% increased sidewall stiffness, prevents tire burps and improves ride quality
  • 25% less lateral tire deflection, no awkward tire roll in corners and hold lines better
  • 3.2% less rolling resistance than tubeless


  • Tire Widths: 2.1″-2.6″
  • Inner Rim Width: 22mm-35mm
  • Disciplines: Trail, Enduro, Downhill 
  • Weight:
    • 29" - 260g
    • 27.5" - 250g