Miles Wide - EverClear Frame Protector Roll

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Miles Wide Industries EverClear Frame Protector Roll, Gloss or Matte

  • EverClear Roll is 12M (MicroMeters) thick and offers 2″ x 60″ of high quality protection film.
  • Same material and strength found on NFL Helmet decals.
  • Its designed to protect your frame against anything from rock chips to cable rubs and everything in-between.
  • Included is a sheet large enough to cover your down tube, top tube,  chain-stay, cable rub points and
    crank arms. Also works great for fork lowers, shock bodies, and more! Great especially for protecting carbon frames or decals.
  • It’s easy to cut and apply; simply trace and cut your desired pattern(s), clean your surface, and apply where necessary!
  • Want to boost re-sale value of you bike? EverClear is your ticket! By applying this stealthy 12M protection to your frame when it’s new, you can preserve the fresh paint finish. When it’s time to sell, remove the EverClear and you’re left with a like new bike that’s ready to get top dollar in re-sale.

Ships FAST, from Canada!