Syntace Vector Carbon Superlight High 10

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The superlative among lowrider handlebars
The new, superlight carbon fiber riser bar that lives up to what you expect from a Syntace handlebar. The handlebar comes with a legendary crash security that surpasses whatever else there is on offer. With a new material composition, particularly in the middle section, the Syntace Vector Carbon Superlight is as safe as the serial test winner “Syntace Vector Carbon”, yet it is 12% lighter and offers a 17% higher vibration damping effect.

The advantages of carbon fiber...
…can only come into play if manufactured correctly. Carbon fiber handlebars can be super light, yet they can also be very dangerous in case of a crash or accident. In order to live up to the Syntace standards, we have combined new types of fiber with a sophisticated layup and with a stress-oriented cross-section before additionally reinforcing critical areas of the bar.

More comfortable and faster
The Syntace Vector Carbon Superlight is not only more stable than its competitors, but additionally damps in a great way thanks to a sophisticated elasticity mechanism that still keeps the well-known precision and stiffness while riding.

The extreme protection
...can be seen with the naked eye. The central in-molded titanium lattice protects the handlebar from the crushing loads of the stem clamp and protects the precious carbon surface against Strength reducing wear and annoying slipping of the bar.

Compatible with 4-screw stems
As a result of a special enforcement of the middle section, the handlebar can even be combined with 4-screw stem interfaces.

We didn't take the easy way out
The Syntace Vector Carbon  is not available in the easily manufactured 6° sweep, but only in the 8° and 12° sweep which provides a clearly superior and ergonomically comfortable position.

  • Rise (mm): 10
  • Bend (degree): 8 or 12
  • Material: Carbon fibre
  • Width (mm): 720-780
  • Range of application: MTB
  • Ability to shorten to (mm): 680
  • Handlebar clamping-Ø (mm): 31.8
  • Weight (g):
    • 760mm - 12° bend: 188g
    • 760mm - 8° bend: 186g
    • 720mm - 12° bend: 184g
    • 720mm - 8° bend: 182g
    • 780mm - 12° bend: 204g
    • 780mm - 8° bend: 198g
  • Color: Carbon-matt