Syntace F44/F44, 44mm – 55m

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  • There is no more direct connection
    Less weight, more stability, more precision: the Direct Mount by Syntace. Instead of the well-known and easy to manufacture two arm designs, Syntace designed a super low body that has been consequently optimized towards force delivery. 

    30% more torsional stiffness thanks to the Syntace VR-3 optimized shape with diagonal connection up front.

    Anti strip
    Special design, raising bottom structure with prolonged tension screws which allows for the relief of the highly stressed front-end connection on the fork crown. It additionally reduces the risk of tearing out the threads of the fork crown.

    Made from high durability Alloy with genuine 3D forging. All interface measures are CNC machined and shot peened for increased protection against fatigue fractures. 

    Lightweight Titanium screws as standard
    The super lightweight stem comes with Titanium screws as standard to make sure you save every single gram possible.

    • Type: Direct Mount
    • Length (mm): 44 or 55
    • FlipFlop: No
    • Range of application: MTB
    • Handlebar clamping-Ø (mm): 31.8
    • Clamping width (mm): 50
    • Screw material: Titanium
    • Color: Black anodized
    • handlebar width: 800
    • Inculdes: F44 Direct Mount Stem, Titanium screws