Shimano Deore XT M8100 Shifter(s) - 1x12-speed or 2x12-speed

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Shimano Deore XT Shifter(s) - M8100 Series, Clamp Band
12-speed - 1x12s, 2x12s
Average weight: 117g (right), 78g (left), 195g (pair)

Those who know, know that XT is the smart choice. The groupset trusted by mountain bikers around the world for generations doesn't disappoint with its most recent M8100 shifters, offering all of Shimano's latest shifting innovations.

  • Shifts require 35% less force vs. M8000 (previous generation Deore XT shifters)
  • Intuitive and ergonomic controls allow for 20% faster lever access time
  • INSTANT RELEASE - shifting cable is fully released immediately upon a click, enabling faster and smoother shifts
  • 2-WAY RELEASE shifting to smaller sprockets with thumb or index finger enables better grip on the bar in more situations
  • MULTI RELEASE enables up to 2 shifts at once (rear lever, to a smaller sprocket)
  • Max of 4 multiple shifts at once (rear lever, to a larger sprocket)
  • Single-lever front shifter saves weight and allows for easy, ergonomic addition of a dropper post remote to a 2x cockpit


1x drivetrains:
Buy SL-M8100-R shifter only (add and go to cart)

2x drivetrains require:
SL-M8100-L and SL-M8100-R shifters (add pair and go to cart)

Replacing a front shifter in a 2x drivetrain?
Buy SL-M8100-L shifter only (add and go to cart)


SL-M8100-L: XT - RAPIDFIRE PLUS MONO (one lever)


Our thoughts:
While those who won't accept any compromises will choose XTR, Deore XT is the obvious choice for many serious riders who have a budget to stick to. You could even go SLX, but the MULTI RELEASE feature that comes with stepping up to XT is compelling enough for the price difference, in our opinion.

Do consider the XTR shifter however, if you have an 11 speed use case for it. It's the only one of the new series that has an 11s / 12s toggle on it. 

Not to be confused with:
Deore XT I-SPEC EV Shift Levers (SL-M8100-IR and SL-M8100-IL)
Previous gen XT 11s shifters (SL-M8000-R and SL-M8000-L)




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