Shimano Olive & Barb (connecting insert) - 1 set

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Set includes 1 olive and 1 barb (connecting insert).

SM-BH90 (Y8JA98020):

  • Compatible with Shimano SM-BH90 brake hoses only
  • SM-BH90 hoses are used on:
    • XTR M9100, M9120, M9020, M9000, M987, M985
    • Saint M820
    • Deore XT M8100, M8120, M8020, M8000, M785
    • SLX M7120, M7100, M7000, M675, M666
    • ZEE M640
    • Deore M6100, M6120, M615, M596

SM-BH59 (Y8H298040):

  • Compatible with the following:
    • XTR: BR-M975, BR-M966, BR-M965 
    • Saint: BR-M800
    • XT: BR-M775, BR-M765
    • SLX: BR-M665
    • Hone: BR-M601, BR-M602
    • LX BR-M595, BR-M585
    • Deore: BR-M545, BR-M535
    • Others: BR-T665, BR-T605, BR-S505, BR-S501 & BR-S500 M446 M396 M395 M365 M355 M315 MT200