Shimano DEORE M5100 Rear Derailleur - 1x11s, 1x10s, 2x11s, 2x10s

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Shimano DEORE Rear Derailleur - M5100 Series
11-speed (or 10-speed)
RD-M5100 (1x11s) / RD-M5120 (1x10s, 1x11s, 2x10s)

Shimano DEORE M5100 Series rear derailleurs offer consistent MTB shifting performance thanks to years of Shimano design innovation. This 10 speed or 11 speed derailleur group is compatible with drivetrains that utilize the standard (HG, 9/10/11s) freehub mount. 

  • SHIMANO SHADOW RD+ chain stabilizing system (clutch):
    • keeps chain taut, reducing both noise and damage to chainstay
    • is lighter and more efficient than roller chain-guide systems 
    • toggles on and off for easier maintenance.
  • Reduced chain tension in low gear chain position (on large sprocket) ensures a silent drivetrain in all gears.
  • Hidden away, low-profile design helps avoid derailleur damage.


RD-M5100-SGS - SHADOW RD+ 1x11-speed
Lowest (Largest) Cassette Sprocket: 51T ONLY
Features a larger, 13T pulley

RD-M5120-SGS - SHADOW RD+ 2x11, 1x10, 2x10-speed
Lowest (Largest) Cassette Sprocket:
42T-46T (1x10-speed)
42T ONLY (2x10 and 2x11 speed)


Our thoughts:
M5100 Series is a really great offering from Shimano if you want to breathe some life into an HG freehub system. 

If you're looking for a 12 speed DEORE derailleur, that's the DEORE 6100 Series (MICRO SPLINE freehubs). 




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