PNW Range Handlebar Gen 3

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Everyone loves a corndogs, right? Wrong! In a hotly contested debate, PNW learned that corn dogs aren’t for everyone. This led PNW to delve into the 31.8mm versus 35mm diameter dispute for handlebars. PNW held off on creating a 35mm bar until they could produce one that they would personally love to ride. Thus, the PNW Range Handlebar Gen 3 was born—a larger diameter bar crafted with a combination of 2014 aluminum and intelligent butting profiles, ensuring an exceptional and enjoyable riding experience. 2014 Aluminum closely resembles carbon’s chatter absorbing qualities in much more cost-conscious and durable package.

For those who prefer the tried-and-true 31.8mm diameter, PNW has you covered as well. The Range Gen 3 is also available in the familiar 31.8mm size while receiving updates in the form of an improved butting profile, delivering even greater comfort.

But how did they achieve this? Was it through science, physics, or geometry? Well, engineers have a way of being crafty. By expanding the width of the bar from 780 to 800, PNW was able to extend the butting profiles and eliminate unnecessary material. This clever design approach not only enhanced comfort but also reduced the weight of the previous Range Handlebar by up to 25 grams.

Experience the Range Handlebar Gen 3 by PNW, available in both 35mm and 31.8mm diameters, offering exceptional performance, comfort, and weight savings. Whether you're an advocate for change or prefer the familiarity of the 31.8mm bar, PNW has developed a handlebar that will exceed your expectations and enhance your riding adventures. 


  • Material: 2014-T73 heat treated alloy
  • Weight:
    • 31.8mm - 314g
    • 35mm - 310g
  • Width: 800mm
  • Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm or 35mm
  • Rise: 30mm
  • 5° upsweep, 10° backsweep
  • Find the installation manual here
  • Lifetime warranty!