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Fabrizio Dragoni, CEO and riding engineer, was stunned When Mulally had his incredible chainless ride (VIDEO) and an year later when Aaron Gwin winning in Leogang: Chainless (VIDEO) and started to work on a new riding  scenario: chainless riding, maintaining the pedal stroke. 

Chainless riding means flowing sensations, absence of pedal kickback, extremely good braking performance and more. 

It also mean low bike “reactivity”, with a “more travel” feeling and saggy suspension while pumping. 

OCHAIN active spider can remove or reduce pedal kickback, isolating transmission effects from rear suspension when needed. Coming to the setup possibilities, there is no right or wrong, but a need for a deep comprehension of what makes things flow at their best.

Considering different riding preferences, OCHAIN now comes with three degree optional setups: 4°, 6°, 9° plus an optional 12° to buy separately. 

Balancing pedaling efficiency and gravity performances we reached our compromise. Compromises are due, contemporary mountain bikes are all born from them. Pedal kickback is one of the consequences, affecting rear suspension performance, despite the best engineers’ efforts.

Active chainring spider reduces/eliminate feedback through pedals from pedal kickback and chain mass oscillation during descending. Makes a big difference to suspension action and control which allows you to ride faster! 

Pinkbike's Matt Beer says:

"The chain forces that the Active Spider isolates is quite impressive. I believe there is both a physical improvement to the suspension performance when the chainring can rotate to a degree, plus it adds a qualitative bonus by reducing the noises caused by chainslap. The small amount of lag in the pedal stroke is a tradeoff that is worth coming to terms with if the bike in question is susceptible to chain feedback."


  • Ochain for Race Face direct mount cranks
  • Main material: Al Alloy 7075 T6
  • Dimensions: 93 mm x 93 mm x 13 mm
  • Weight: 128 g
  • Chainline 52mm (BOOST only)
  • Black hard anodized (Nero) or Nickel Chrome (Pregio)
  • Standard BCD 104 mm chainrings
  • Provided with Ochain Rubber Kit to switch from 4°, 6°, 9° setup
  • This component has a maximum weight limit for the cyclist of 100kg

Ochain and chainrings fit only with 5mm length nuts!